Ultherapy in Los Angeles


Ultherapy Hand Selects Where its Systems are Placed and Los Angeles is the Leader With Ultherapy Systems

The Los Angeles area is home to leading cosmetic physicians and surgeons and, even among that group, Ulthera has been selective in where they have placed their systems. Ulthera knows that success and support of the best physicians using Ultherapy in Los Angeles will set an important precedent for physicians everywhere.

If you’re considering Ultherapy in Los Angeles we encourage you to spend time getting to know the practice performing Ultherapy. The skill of the clinician, and their understanding of your objectives and concerns (i.e., their relationship with you), will ultimately be the biggest factors in the success of the procedure for you. Learn about our team and read Dr. Emery’s bio here. Better yet, visit us in Westlake Village (Thousand Oaks) for a complimentary consultation.

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